Would you like to generate more business?


Accelerate your business success?

Save time and money in the process?

Have business coming to you, rather than chasing it?

The following interactive training programme has been written by three networking experts, each of whom experienced a noticeable increase in new business over the last 18 months despite a challenging market.

We now want to share the secret of this success with you. Well no big secret really, it’s quite simple: We recognise and build business-generating relationships with our advocates!

What makes this book unique is that it helps you to gain clarity and ‘be you’ when you network in business. As you learn to build stronger and more authentic relationships with the people who matter to your business, you will find that you won’t have to sell you, what you do, nor ask for referrals. Business will simply come your way! 














Including a valuable marketing element and an authentic networking strategy, our simple 7-step system will help you to build a trusted network of Advocates who will speak about your service and products to their contacts, and recommend you.

Packaged as a clear and interactive 7-step training programme, with each step building on the previous one, we have made progress easy for you.

Each step provides lots of practical tips, advice and exercises that you can tailor to your needs. You can take one step at a time and the little time it takes to work through them will soon deliver rewards.


Our book From Contact to Advocate™ will help you to...

In short, our programme will show you how to make the necessary adjustments to your networking strategy to increase your return on investment and your business success!


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Why should you buy this programme?

In summary you get a road map to referral networking, building on the combined knowledge and experience of three different business women: Marketer Helene Cooper, HR specialist Mary Fraser, and Business Coach Ute Wieczorek-King. Not only are they trusted experts in their respective fields, two of the authors also founded a networking group in 2005, offering regular networking events and workshops about networking.





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What our readers are saying:

“The Contact to Advocate™ ebook is an excellent, step-by-step training manual. It gives practical advice on how to go from contact to advocate, and how to set goals to achieve this. It is all very self-explanatory and easy to follow. I recommend this book highly, as well as the training course that first introduced me to the From Contact to Advocate™ system.” Trisha Mentzel, Director www.B2BMarketing.co.uk

“Excellent - very concise and clearly written with practical and immediately applicable tools and strategies”. Milly Sinclair, Director www.creativeedgeuk.com



With 70 A4 pages of content, our 7-step training programme includes everything you need to know about networking and getting referrals. Short enough to read in one sitting, you will quickly get a good overview of the system.

To order ‘From Contact to Advocate™ now, please click below.   It costs £47, which includes two free gifts: a complimentary coaching session and the ebook "Networking Recipes for Success". 

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